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02/05/2016 12:57 PM
7 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Wedding
The countdown has begun and it is almost time to get hitched. Make the whole wedding affair a magical and dreamy celebration by choosing the right venue, the perfect decor and the right furniture for your d-day. Furniture, which most often goes overlooked in all wedding preparations, actually has the potential to create style statements and define the entire space. When a couple as beautiful as you is ready to take the vows, everything should be posh and proper (even if it's just about furniture or prop rental). Here's what factors you should consider when choosing the right party furniture for your wedding day:
02/04/2016 09:53 AM
Destination Wedding Specialists - Our Story!
Maria and I met back in the summer of 2000 when we both attended Travel College, and back then it was very clear to the both of us that we were going to have some type of career in this exciting industry, but we were not exactly sure in what field of travel yet, nor did we know that in the distant future we would end up being partners in life and business. Approximately fifteen years later we are now married, have a wonderful MinPin dog Bacardi named after our favorite rum, and we have been successfully running our very own independent travel business together since August of 2007.
02/01/2016 01:57 PM
Is Your Wedding Guest List Designed To Test The Strength Of Your Marriage?
Weddings are stressful. One of the most stressful and important pieces is the guest list. This article explains why.
02/01/2016 01:45 PM
3 Creative Ways To Have A Unique Wedding
Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding. These tips show you how to easily make it memorable by making it a unique wedding.
01/29/2016 11:37 AM
How To Find A Wedding Dress
The wedding dress is the most important item of a wedding. Besides the bride. And this article helps you learn where to find a dress.
01/29/2016 11:22 AM
What Are the Advantages of Handmade Wedding Invitations?
For any bride and groom picking out the right wedding invitation cards for their big day, it seems like there are many choices to be made. From the colour of the cards right through to the size and shape, there are many details to be ironed out, and it can often seem like it is impossible to find the ideal invitation.
01/29/2016 11:20 AM
Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Invitations
Organizing a wedding can be very challenging time, as there are seemingly hundreds of things to think about and organist. Ordering and sending out your wedding invitation cards is just one other thing to do on a very long list. Here are some top tips on how to pick out your invitations, making the whole process a lot quicker and easier.
01/29/2016 08:57 AM
Shopping for a Kapu Wedding
Kapu is a sub-caste of Telugu. In this caste you will see that the wedding is quite traditional. They have many rituals and the families have to abide by that. There are so many interesting rituals and this would really be something everyone present in the wedding would enjoy.
01/27/2016 10:29 AM
The Best Dresses to Wear for a Wedding
What dresses to wear to such events? This can become a very long process that will involve advice from friends and a long tour through all the clothing stores in order to look for the best dress for that day. This is something that astounds everybody. You truly require no less than six to eight months to get your outfit - and that is in case you're truly unequivocal. In case you're a fastidious customer or don't generally recognize what you need, begin looking eight to 10 months before your wedding.
01/26/2016 09:09 AM
Pre-Wedding Rituals of Bhumihar Wedding
Bhumihar caste includes the Brahmins. They are known as Bhumihar Brahmins. When the girl in their family reaches the age of wedding, they plan things. The search for the partner begins. If its an arranged wedding then the bride and the groom get married within the same caste.
01/26/2016 09:06 AM
Important Things to Consider At Lingayat Weddings
Lingayat or Kannada weddings are quite simple. They have a few rituals and customs. They do not prefer lavish weddings. This is because they are simple people. However, a few exceptions have turned out. You will see that Lingayat matrimony also encourages destination weddings and fusion foods.
01/26/2016 09:03 AM
Foods To Look Forward To At Iyer Weddings
In India apart from the elaborate decor and colourful attire, food plays an integral role in every wedding. Most of the guests attending a wedding are most interested in the lavish spread being laid out than anything else. So the hosts go all out to have a fantastic menu for the wedding.
01/22/2016 08:39 AM
Foods to Look Forward At Adidravidar Weddings
India is very rich when it comes to cultures of differing areas. As far as Adidravidar weddings are concerned, these are quite rich in culture and you can find some of the amazing rituals and customs. Also, these people are quite specific and strict when it comes to wedding rituals.
01/21/2016 04:29 PM
Foods to Look Forward to at Arya Vysya Weddings
Arya Vysya caste belongs to the Southern part of India. They have a brief wedding ceremony. But the rituals are quite specific and they have to be performed. In this caste, you will see that the weddings include many guests and they all take part in the rituals too.
01/21/2016 09:15 AM
Tips on Mixing and Matching Music at Your Wedding
Thankfully, there are many great performers who can ensure that your guests - and that you, the happy couple - enjoy a truly special occasion. From singers for hire who can perform a range of popular swing and pop tunes to string quartets that make for sumptuous daytime entertainment, look for reputable, experienced professionals and you are unlikely to be disappointed. A potential problem can arise, however, if you decide that you would like to mix and match the music on your big day.

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