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09/28/2015 02:08 PM
How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Bouquet
One of the biggest decisions you are going to ever make is what flowers you will carry in your hands as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Every bride has her own ideas, her own preferences and tastes, this means that what you like may not appeal to someone else, but there are some factors you can take into consideration to help you choose the perfect wedding bouquet that will make a statement and blend in with your theme and dress on the day.
09/28/2015 10:43 AM
Finding The Right DJ Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception - Three Easy Steps
What makes for a great wedding? I have always told clients that there are three things that people remember about a wedding when attending. The most important of those is finding the right DJ for your reception.
09/25/2015 10:26 AM
How to Make the Mundane Telugu Ceremonies A Little Interesting?
Telugu weddings are all about fun and elegance. The serenity of these weddings make them extra special not only for the bride and the groom but for the families of both the people and the guests as well. Telugu matrimonial ceremonies are a little mundane and you can add some fun ideas to make them hear whelming and exhilarating.
09/24/2015 03:32 PM
Stylish Wedding Invitations and How to Choose Who Will Design Them
Picking out wedding invitations is a big part of the nuptial planning process. Just like the dress, wedding invitations have to be perfect as the provide your guests with a sneak peek of what your wedding will be like. To ensure you get the perfect invitations made, ask the person or company you are ordering through a few key questions.
09/24/2015 03:31 PM
Tips for Choosing Memorable Wedding Invitations
The big day is approaching and you need to choose wedding invitations that make an impact on your guests. When friends and families receive your invitation in the mail, you want them to smile upon opening the envelope. A great invitation will stand out in their minds and prompt them to save the date. Guests will get excited about the event as the perfect wedding invitations should inspire such feelings.
09/24/2015 11:21 AM
About Colored Wedding Dresses
Unlike before when people used to do weddings only in white wedding dresses, nowadays people do weddings in colored wedding dresses. Are you planning of buying a colored wedding dress and wondering what the different colors mean? Here is a guide:
09/24/2015 10:35 AM
Latin American Wedding Traditions
Every culture has its own wedding traditions and the Latin American marriage ceremony is no different. There are countless unique Latin American wedding traditions that are still followed to this day and are part of what makes the day special for every Latina bride.
09/24/2015 08:29 AM
Creating Your Unique Wedding Day
Each bride and groom are special and different from the last. From the ceremony to reception and beyond there are many ways to impress your unique personality upon your guests.
09/24/2015 08:28 AM
Love Is All Around - Wedding Trends For 2016
Wedding trends will forever be a hot topic. Brides, wedding professionals and outside vendors have a real need to be aware of the very latest in all things bridal. Fortunately for you, 2016 will not disappoint you.
09/23/2015 11:21 AM
5 Tips for a Great Wedding Reception
The wedding reception plays an important part in fittingly celebrating one of the most important days in any couple's lives - their wedding day. Whether a daytime or an evening event, there are many ways to make sure that this particular party lives up to all expectations.
09/23/2015 10:19 AM
How to Make Mundane Kerala Ceremonies A Little More Fun?
A wedding is a very special day and we all love to have some good memories out of it. Traditional wedding ceremonies and rituals are a part of this day. These rituals are very old and we have inherited them from our ancestors.
09/23/2015 09:52 AM
Get the Perfect Designer for Your Wedding Outfit
Weddings have always been the matter of grand affairs and gala ceremonies that you have to attend. The second most important thing and the center of attraction after first being the bride and the groom are the wedding dresses they are wearing. It is like once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy wearing those lavish dresses and feel confident.
09/22/2015 08:10 AM
Best Places for a Tamil Wedding Venue
Tamil weddings are traditional and royal. Many things are important when it comes to a wedding. From invitations to arrangements, things are taken very carefully, to have a memorable function. We all want our most special moment of life to be very successful and elegant
09/22/2015 08:08 AM
Some Telugu Wedding Rituals You Cannot Miss
Tamil weddings are traditional and royal. Many things are important when it comes to a wedding. From invitations to arrangements, things are taken very carefully, to have a memorable function. We all want our most special moment of life to be very successful and elegant. Among the very important things in a wedding planning, the wedding venue is a very crucial choice
09/21/2015 10:56 AM
How to Make Your Wedding Day "a Memorable One"
Every bride wants to look special on her big day, i.e. the day of her wedding. If you've finally purchased your bridal wear and looking forward to buy the garnishing that will complement your gown and will make you look prettier, you just make the complete process a bit more personal. No doubt planning a marriage can be stressful and more of a nerve racking experience, but it can be made easier by putting in some useful efforts and utilizing your valuable time.

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